Are you looking to exploit a high ropes course or tree top adventure? Then take a look at the options we have for your park or area.

Our high ropes courses and tree top adventures can be built outdoor as well as indoor. We can use trees, but also artificial poles. This all depends on the area or location where they are built.

Visitors of a climbing adventure are secured with a lifeline and it will give them a real challenge. Overcoming their fears can put smiles on their faces and making it through the course will be carried on to their friends and family!



Indoor High

Ropes Course

A customized indoor high ropes course can be made on artificial poles. Depending on the indoor area, the capacity of the course can be up to 350 people per day.

The supervision level in an indoor high ropes course is medium to high. This is due to the fact that visitors are secured to a lifeline and need sufficient instructions and guidance throughout the course.



Tree Top


Our tree top adventures are based on the existing trees in your area. We inspect the trees to be sure they are healthy enough and then make a plan for the adventure. A tree top adventure can have a capacity of 250 people per day, depending on the size.

A tree inspection is part of the plan for your tree top adventure. We will design, engineer and build the course. If the trees cannot be used, we can build artificial poles around the trees which will create a similar effect.

Supervision level in a tree top adventure is medium. You will need to properly instruct your visitors and help them throughout the course. However, the experience they have will be great and worth the guidance!

The offline


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