Zip Line




A zip line construction can give your adventure park or area an adrenaline pump. Our zip lines provide your visitors with the ultimate thrill ride! Installing a zip line at your location will make sure you attract many visitors.

We design and install single and duo zip lines. Both are able to put many people through which creates better profits.

Our zip line construction will give you a competitive advantage!

Zip line

Zip Line


Your zip line construction will start with a zip line design. Based on the area, we are able to give you the optimal design that stands for commercial success.

After the zip line design, we can start with the construction. Our team of dedicated skills men will install the zip line at the location.

After installation, your zip line can be opened to the public and you will be able to give your visitors a mind blowing experience!

Zip Line

Zip Line


Your zip line construction options are endless. You can choose a single zip line or duo zip line. A duo zip line will give your visitors the possibility to ride the zip line together.

You can also decide how long you would like the zip line to be. Depending on the technical possibilities, we will be able to give you our inventive advice.

Ready to open a zip line construction and start attracting more visitors?

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