Why a net


Our net adventures are the newest and most exciting adventure concepts we have! Customers feel as if they are in a bounce park, only high in the sky. Not only for young children, but also for adults!

The net adventures attract a large target group and lots of customers can play at the same time. However, little supervision is needed. This helps your park achieve commercial success whilst also creating happy faces.

We offer standard net adventures and customized net adventures.



Standard Net


We offer standard net adventures which vary in size, capacity, staff numbers and price. Standard net adventures can be realized within a shorter time span (depending on size) in comparison with custom made net adventures.

Our standard net adventures consist of nets, slides, tunnels, entrancestree houses and tubing tracks. 

The standard net adventures vary in capacity from 20 – 35 visitors at once to 100 – 120 visitors at once. Choose a standard net adventure based on your location, wishes and the budget you want to spend.



Custom Net


We also offer custom made net adventures. These net adventures are fully adjusted to your wishes. Our team will work together with you to get the best design before starting the construction phase.

The custom net adventures can consist of the same components as with the standard net adventures, but combinations with climbing adventures or zipline adventures are possible!

Contact us to describe your idea and our team of experts will produce an awesome offline experience!

The offline


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