Climbing Adventures

Our climbing adventures aren’t for the faint-hearted. They make stomachs tickle, faces smile, and visitors scream.

Climbing on the
coolest course

Whether you’re looking to build a high ropes course or a treetop
adventure – our climbing courses meet your needs. Your visitors
will have fun and overcome their fears on our daunting courses –
safely secured by a sturdy lifeline, of course. And at the end of
the day, they’ll share their bold and heroic stories with friends,
family, and maybe even their Instagram.

Ropes courses

Are you searching for a thrilling adventure? Look no further than our high ropes courses. Our engineers make the most of your space by developing stunning structures, brought to life by our team of expert builders. The artificial structures can accommodate large numbers of visitors a day – granted there is enough supervision available to get them around the parkour safely.

Are you looking for an adventure that’s more suited to your littlest visitors? In that case, we realize a low ropes course, that poses just the right challenge for those small adventurers.

Treetop adventures

Here at Funcha, we’re all nature lovers. And so, it’s no surprise that one of our areas of expertise is realizing treetop adventures. Because that’s where the real magic happens. With an adventure like this, you can conjure a smile on hundreds of faces a day!

Creative concept by Funcha

After a careful inspection of your trees, our
engineers come up with the most creative
concepts, utilizing all the natural elements
available at your location. By using sustainable
materials and methods, our adventures become
one with nature. That’s how we ensure it’ll be an
experience like no other.

Safe climbing

In order to ensure the safety of your customers during their treetop adventures, an arborist carefully inspects each and every tree to determine whether they’re strong and healthy enough. Then, our engineers carefully consider each screw, rope, and cable to ensure that our attractions comply with EN and ISO safety standards.

Safe and low maintenance

What we've done

Need some advice?

Are you curious about what we can realize at your location? Do you have a unique idea, are you curious about the possibilities, or are you not sure which option is best suited for you? We’ll tell you all about it over a (virtual) cup of coffee!