we work

All our projects are custom-made and tailored precisely to your target audience, needs, wishes, location, and budget. The goal is to create a profitable adventure park, that you and your audience will love. So, how exactly do we go about conceptualizing, engineering, and constructing these attractions? Let us tell you!
The creative concept

We create

First things first: let’s get to know one another! Over a cup of (virtual) coffee, we discuss your wishes, needs, budget, and location.

Have you already got a location in mind? Great! We’d love to swing by and take a look. That way, we have a much better idea of the possibilities. On top of that, we can estimate what permits are required at your location and arrange for an arborist and soil report.

Then, our team of creatives comes up with a concept that’s well-suited to your specific spot and audience: the right adventure for you. 
The creative concept by Funcha

We design

Are you ready for the next step? Then our engineers take that sketch and turn it into a 3D technical design.
Creative team makes concept

Their precise calculations strike a perfect balance between strength and elegance, allowing for the minimum in materials but the maximum in customers, keeping in mind the total cost of ownership. A win-win situation.


we construct

If you’re happy with the design and we’ve secured all the necessary permits, we start the prefabrication process at our workshop in The Netherlands.
We construct
Then, it’s time to begin the handiwork. First, we ship all of the prefabricated materials and equipment to your location. Our craftsmen then make their way to you.

Contrary to what many customers think, the construction phase only takes up a small portion of the total project: about 25% of the total running time.


We maintain

Here at Funcha, we don’t just pull our hands off your project when we finish constructing it.
Instead, we help you pass all the necessary inspections and obtain all the certificates you might need. We also help organize staff training, so they’re fully prepared for any situation that might arise.

And of course, we look after your adventure park by doing regular maintenance. For example, three months after opening, our construction team already travels back to your site for a first service inspection and service job.

Need some advice?

Are you curious about what we can realize at your location? Do you have a unique idea, are you curious about the possibilities, or are you not sure which option is best suited for you? We’ll tell you all about it about over a (virtual) cup of coffee!