Zip line

Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Our breathtaking zip lines make that dream come true!

Zipping through
the trees

Are you looking to create a real tourist attraction that visitors from far and wide will flock to? Install a zip line and your business is a guaranteed success. Because a zip line won’t only increase your visitor’s adrenaline levels, but it’ll also increase your margins due to its popularity and high capacity. And at the end of the day, that’s the golden combination we’re looking for!

Solo zipping or double zipping

Whether you’re installing a singular zip line or a whole parkour: it’s an eye-catcher. And from a few meters to more than a thousand meters in length – our craftsmen will make it a spectacular attraction. Do you want to make your zip line extra special? Then you can go for a double zip line, allowing your customers to share their experiences together.

Safe soaring

When zipping, your customers are literally hanging by a threat. Luckily, our craftsmen are extremely qualified and design nothing but astonishingly safe structures. One way they ensure your customers’ safety is by installing a break in all zip lines that exceed 80 meters in length. On top of that, our expert engineers will help you figure out the best location for your zip line, considering factors such as wind, elevation, and weight of materials.

What we've done

Need some advice?

Are you curious about what we can realize at your location? Do you have a unique idea, are you curious about the possibilities, or are you not sure which option is best suited for you? We’ll tell you all about it over a (virtual) cup of coffee!