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FuNcha’s adventures

Nothing’s too crazy here at Funcha. We craft and construct your custom-made, indoor or outdoor adventure. And we do so, with great passion, expertise, and craftsmanship. That way, we ensure your visitors will love it and keep coming back for more while we make sure that Mother Nature doesn’t suffer from it.


Big and little visitors alike will enjoy these incredible spider webs. They can scavenge around in large numbers at a time, without you having to increase your supervision.

Zip lines

Are you looking to build an adventure that true thrill-seekers will enjoy? Our zip lines not only provide a surge in adrenaline but also in your ticket sales.

Climbing courses

Your visitors will overcome their fears in these safe yet daunting structures! And whether you’re looking to build an indoor or outdoor adventure, our ropes courses meet your needs.


Of course, once you have your beautiful adventure park, you want it to stay that way. That’s why we offer regular maintenance services – even for adventure concepts we didn’t build!

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Need some advice?

Are you curious about what we can realize at your location? Do you have a unique idea, are you curious about the possibilities, or are you not sure which option is best suited for you? We’ll tell you all about it about a (virtual) cup of coffee!

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