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What is retailtainment? Retailtainment – or shopping mall entertainment – is the latest trend in retail. It describes the implementation of entertainment in shopping malls. More and more malls are not only providing visitors with shops, but also entertainment activities. Lots of shopping malls have already implemented entertainment in their centers. However, it is expected to keep growing in a rapid way the next couple of years.





So what does Active Constructions have to offer for your shopping mall? A competitive advantage! With one of our net adventures, indoor ropes courses or zip lines, you will be able to provide visitors with a mind blowing activity. Your success is our success and we are eager to help you achieve your goals.



Park Options

The options for your park are endless. We will think of a concept and give you the right advice based on your wishes, target group and area. Always taking the success of your adventure into mind. It is important to combine the right activities and to make sure your capacity is high and supervision level is low. We can provide you with more information when you contact us.

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